Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Booth Rentals For Corporate Events!

Spice Up Your Corporate Event With A Photo Booth
From holiday parties and customer appreciation events to trade shows and employee appreciation banquets, photo booths are the perfect way to ensure that your next event is a huge success. Guests, customers, and clients will enjoy themselves more, be engaged longer and thus stay later when there is a photo booth at your event. At company parties, it may become the source of some good old fashioned work place drama. At trade shows, it will draw your clients in to allow your sales staff more time to “sell” the products.

The Most Fun Advertising You’ll Ever Experience
Another great feature of including Party Booths Digital Photo Booth Rentals at your corporate event involves the branding of your company. Feel free to hang whatever you would like on the sides of our photo booths. Why stop there? Party Booths offers custom title bar designs that will be displayed at the bottom of your photo booth pictures. This is a great place to include your company logo, slogan or fun message for your guests. Everyone will leave with the perfecto memento conveniently branded with your company’s logo or unique message on the bottom of their pictures. What could be better?

Quick And Easy Operation
Party Booths offers an onsite professional attendant included in your photo booth rental. Pair this with the quick printing process of your photo booth pictures and your event is sure to be a breeze. Let Party Booths do the work for you so you can concentrate on sitting back, relaxing and taking care of business as usual.

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